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GPS Tracker For School Bus

Award Winning GPS Tracker

The most difficult tasks for school administrative personnel and the transport manager are tracking many school buses, driver behavior, fuel, and speed. With the AIS 140 GPS tracker for the school bus equipped with an RFID attendance system, HuntEyed GPS makes your job easier. Parents receive an automated SMS message from our RFID attendance system when their child boards and gets off the school bus. The bus attendance report can be generated electronically by the school administration personnel. Our knowledgeable staff will get in touch with you if you reach out.

GPS Tracker For School Bus

Task of GPS tracker for School Bus

Assign Route & Stop

Assign each bus a route, and our software will record every stoppage detail. Driving may be easily adapted by new drivers.

Allocate Student

Assign kids to distinct bus routes based on stoppages. The transport manager may obtain a report on seat availability with ease.

RFID Attendance System

For school buses, we also provide RFID attendance systems. When a parent’s child boards, an automated SMS notice is sent.

Live Monitoring

With our NDVR, you may either record and preserve the activities of your drivers and pupils for later use.

Estimate Arrival Time(ETA)

Parents may now get the school bus’s estimated arrival time via their mobile app

Online fee collection

Use our school administration software to pay your school transportation charge online.

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