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AIS 140 GPS Tracker

Award Winning GPS Tracker

The most difficult task for school administrative personnel and the transport manager is keeping track of the driver activity on several school buses, trucks, or taxis, as well as fuel and speed usage. By utilizing an AIS 140 GPS tracker for the school bus equipped with an RFID attendance system, Hunteyed GPS streamlines your job. Parents and school administrative personnel receive automatic SMS notifications from our RFID attendance system.

What Is AIS 140 GPS Tracker

In accordance with the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS 140), the Indian government developed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for the transportation network. ITS has been validated worldwide for its ability to maximize the use of current transportation infrastructure while preserving it as much as possible. The transportation system benefits from the AIS 140 GPS in terms of efficiency, comfort, and safety.

All around the nation, AIS 140 is not being completed. Since improving vehicle safety is the primary goal of system design, there are many subsystems within the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), including the AIS 140 GPS tracker for trucks, taxis, ambulances, and school buses. These subsystems cover a variety of aspects of vehicle regulation and adherence to safety standards.

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The Benefits of AIS 140 GPS tracker

Simplify operation

The AIS 140 GPS tracker serves as a facilitator for many systems within the public transportation network. If any changes need to be made, a regulation form is also available. 

Real time tracking system

For automated position tracking, the most essential feature is the AIS-140 GPS tracking system. It functions like a tutor, keeping an eye on the car and directing it along the best path. It also helps to optimize fuel economy and saves money and time.

Driver Behavior

Having a good driver is crucial to preserving the health of the car. Our tracking systems assist you in assigning drivers, managing all of the driver data for your fleet, and receiving driver-specific reports directly into your mailbox on a daily basis.

Simplify Route Management

Maintaining the trucks’ timetable is crucial. The AIS-140 GPS tracking device is very helpful in determining the best path at the appropriate moment. This is done to make sure the car takes the quickest and least fuel-consuming route possible.

Service Management

Additionally beneficial to the overall system’s conduction and service management is the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). This method connects the car and service station with a straightforward bridge.

Crew Management

A well-managed staff is essential to the success of any transport system. The AIS 140 GPS tracker lowers costs by confirming that the crew is traveling in the appropriate segment and according to plan.

Real-time GPS Tracking

You may follow your school bus’s whereabouts in real time by using our AIS 140 GPS tracker.

Unlimited Data Storage

You may view the report at any time thanks to our sophisticated software, which retains all records for up to 60 days.

SOS call & panic bottom

For your students’ safety, utilize the SOS call and panic button. If they feel ill on the school bus, they can use this right away.

Dust & Water Proof

Dust and wetness can’t defeat our AIS 140 GPS tracking gadget. It’s a fully dust- and waterproof gadget.

Multiple Alert Systems

You now receive a car door alert as well. You are notified if the doors are not securely locked.

Theft Protection

You may follow your school bus’s whereabouts in real time by using our AIS 140 GPS tracker.

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