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Hunt-Safar Max


Original price was: ₹10,999.00.Current price is: ₹8,999.00.

About this item
• Package: GPS tracker device + 1-year free app subscription + 1 year replacement warranty + Airtel Sim card.

1.Real-time tracking mode: The device has been on line, upload one data if the device move 50m in 3
0s in default. There are turning points and blind area data upload, the trajectory is complete. 2.Deep power-saving mode: Wake up and upload data according to the specified time interval which c
an be set at a range of 10-720 minutes. During other time, vibration can not but the light senser can wa
ke the device up. 3.Smart power-saving mode: Device will be offline after entered the static mode, online when waken
up by vibration.(i.e., online when driving, offline after parking, save more power than real-time tracking
mode. Upload one data if the device move 50m in 30s in default. There are turning points and blind are
a data upload, the trajectory is complete

• Premium App: Enjoy seamless vehicle tracking with our easy to use and premium mobile app providing all the details at your fingertips.
• Lowest Current Consumption: Hunt-Safar Max consumes very less battery due to its sleep mode technology making it vehicle’s battery friendly.
• Hidden Installation: Easily install Hunt-Smart in your vehicle with the help of your local mechanic. Since the device’s size is as small as a key, you can easily hide the device. Hunt-Safar Max expert team is here to assist you in case of any queries.
• Live Tracking features: Track your vehicle with the help of 4+ Advanced tracking features including Live location tracking, Speed tracking, Geo fence alert, Overspeed alert.
• Dedicated Customer Support: Our expert team is here to help you with any queries. Simply connect with us at +91 91473 31999 Or raise a ticket via Hunteyed app and we will quickly help you out.
• Sim Data: You get one year free data sim with the device.

Monitor Your Rides

Track your daily rides in 3D, monitor fuel consumption, receive speed alerts, and view the total distance and kilometres driven, etc

Location Sharing

Share your live trip location with your loved ones

Live Statistics

View detailed statistics of your daily rides, including total distance, maximum speed, average speed, and top speed of your bike, with smart and easy-to-understand visuals on the app

Ride Playback

Relive your previous rides or share them with friends and family


The Hunt-Smart device is compatible with any vehicle, such as bikes, cars, scooters, and trucks, if it has a battery to connect the device

Mobile Application

Premium mobile application to monitor your daily ride statistics, receive notification alerts, track fuel consumption, and play or share old rides. (Mobile application comes free for first year

Installation Support

This is Portable device no installation required (Any queries regarding installation, call at +91 91473 31999

Recharge Plan

Hunt-Smart GPS Device comes with a one-year app software subscription service.

Big Battery 10000mAh

Hunt Safar Max have big battery.