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Asset Tracker Solution

Award Winning GPS Tracker

Have you ever been concerned about the safety and security of your home and possessions in the unlikely event that you are not home? Or have you ever noticed trespassing, such as when someone robs your home, workplace, or garage? Then, you can protect your asset with the help of Speedotrack Asset Tracker Solution, which is an incredibly simple to set up and operate DIY home security alarm. Our knowledgeable staff will get in touch with you if you reach out.

HuntEyed Asset Tracker

Benefits of Asset Tracker

GPS+LBS Positioning

GPS and LBS tracking are supported by our asset tracking solution. Since the device estimates its position within the cell tower’s range, LBS is less accurate than GPS

Listen-in Surrounding

The HuntEyed Asset Tracking solution enables you to send a text message using your phone to listen to the surroundings and learn about any issues surrounding your asset before taking any additional action.

IPX5 Water Proof

The HuntEyed Personal Tracker is designed to withstand water and meets IPX5 Global Standard, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions, particularly during the rainy season.

10,000mAh Battery

The HuntEyed Personal Tracker has a long-lasting battery, so you won’t need to charge it frequently. which gives your asset reliable tracking over an extended period of time.

Power Management

Because the Personal Tracker is intelligent, it has a long-lasting battery that eliminates the need for frequent charging and ensures reliable tracking.

Strong Magnet

The robust magnetic cover on the HuntEyed Personal tracker makes it simple to mount on any vehicle or asset and allows you to track your asset no matter where you go.

Tamper Alert

Temperament alert, which is included with our asset tracker, will notify you You will receive an immediate alert on your device once it has been disassembled or tempered.

Multiple Tracking

The personal tracking device HuntEyed provides multiple tracking options. You can track through web applications, mobile apps, and SMS sending.

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