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Bus Monitoring Solution

Award Winning GPS Tracker

The HuntEyed Bus Monitoring System tracks the actual route of buses, keeps an eye on driving behavior, and monitors the technical condition of the fleet. It also makes maintenance planning possible by taking into account the actual state of the equipment. The Speedotrack Monitoring System for buses can minimize the loss of valuable fuel by optimizing routes, avoiding downtime, and minimizing operating costs. The monitoring system can be used for school buses, shuttle buses, airport buses, intercity buses, and city transportation, among other things.

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HuntEyed Bus Monitoring

Task of Bus Monitoring Solution

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitor specific drivers by calculating the exceptions to their driving pattern, like speeding, idling, etc. Tracking a specific driver facilitates the customization of a specific training program to guarantee a safe driving environment.

Maintenance optimization

When all potential constraints are taken into account, maintenance optimization helps to minimize downtime while ensuring the most efficient use of systems to secure the desired results at the lowest possible costs.

Load measurement

The purpose of the HuntEyed Bus Monitoring Solution is to measure the number of passengers inside the bus in order to determine whether the driver is breaking any traffic laws or government regulations regarding overloading passenger vehicles

Precise fuel monitoring

The purpose of the fuel monitoring solution is to precisely analyze the fuel level in any type of vehicle tank, including ones with fixed connections. To identify and stop fuel theft, it is helpful to replace a vehicle’s stock fuel meter.

Geo-fencing Alerts

A service called geofencing is activated when a device enters a predetermined area. Offers, alerts, interaction tools, security warnings—businesses are coming up with inventive ways to use these digital barriers.

Easy Installation

Installing and configuring the HuntEyed Bus Monitoring Solution is simple. From installation to real-time tracking, Speedotrack will provide you with all necessary assistance. The Speedotrack GPS solution is incredibly easy to use and reasonably priced.

Fuel Calibration

You will be able to measure fuel consumption and the amount of fuel left in the tank precisely with the HuntEyed Bus Monitoring Solution, sending data to the dashboard. Knowing the bus’s actual mileage or whether the driver is deceiving you from behind would be useful. Many customers in India and overseas were able to minimize their operating costs and increase their revenue with the assistance of HuntEyed Bus Monitoring Solution.

Dangerous Driving

When a person’s driving falls short of what is expected of a cautious and skilled driver, it is considered dangerous driving. Driving while fatigued, racing or aggressive driving, and being involved in a police pursuit are a few instances of risky driving. You can keep an eye on your bus driver’s behavior with the HuntEyed Bus Monitoring Solution to see if they are obeying traffic laws.

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