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Garbage Truck Monitoring Solution

Award Winning GPS Tracker

Ineffective garbage collection and transportation, as well as the unlawful disposal of solid household waste (SHW) in areas that are off-limits (apart from landfills), are some of the major challenges associated with waste management.For this reason, the primary functions of a garbage truck monitoring system are to track the location of the truck and to monitor the performance of any attached equipment (blade, plate, etc.).

A garbage truck monitoring system tracks the locations of waste loading and unloading activities using GPS coordinates and axle load data. It also assists in identifying and thwarting any attempts by unauthorized persons to unload garbage from the truck.

The route, speed, RPM, fuel consumption, and engine health are the primary truck operating parameters that are recorded by the waste truck telematics system. The information is utilized to identify dishonest or ineffective truck operations,

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HuntEyed Garbage Truck Monitoring

Task of Garbage Truck Monitoring

Tracking Places

You can track your garbage truck in real time wherever it goes with the HuntEyed Garbage Truck Monitoring Solution. It will support better time management and efficiency in your garbage collection operation.

Truck Body Filling

When a sensor is installed in the truck body, the driver can quickly determine the garbage truck’s filling capacity and determine when to empty the vehicle in order to fill it again. This will contribute to improving the garbage collection operation’s efficiency.

Fuel Monitoring

Our solution gives precise information about the fuel level in the fuel tank through the installation of a fuel sensor in the fuel tank. It facilitates the detection of fuel theft and offers remote control activation of vehicle equipment.

Engine Monitoring

The vehicle remembers the actual fuel level in the tank each time the ignition is turned off. If the fuel level falls, a siren will sound and an SMS alert will be sent to a pre-programmed phone number.

Detection of unloading

The Garbage Truck Solution includes unloading monitoring. As soon as the truck is empty, an SMS alert is sent to the designated phone number. It will assist in tracking the effectiveness of your business.

Easy Installation

HuntEyed Garbage truck Solution is easy to install with the help of our expert technician. we will show live working demo after complete installation. we are available 24/7 for our valuable customer.

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