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Generator Monitoring Solution

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On the generator, we install sensors and smart devices that track a variety of factors, including power produced, battery voltage, operating hours, fuel level, etc. These readings are subsequently sent via the internet to our central server by means of a gateway device. The gateway is compatible with Ethernet, Wireless, and GPRS technologies. After that, you may use the web application from anywhere at any time to check the generator’s settings and make reports. Reports on the state of the generator, fuel, maintenance, etc. are typical. Our knowledgeable staff will get in touch with you if you reach out.

Use cases of Generator Monitoring

Industries & Buildings

Our system makes it simple to control fuel and energy usage. Our solution contributes to the generator’s increased dependability and efficiency. With our technology, end users may track the position of generators and report theft of generators.

Leasing Companies

All of the generators may be seen by leasing businesses from one central place. Our method lowers costs by requiring fewer laborers and site visits. Businesses can keep an eye on the position of generators and stop theft.

Generator OEM's

Our technology enables OEM to provide your clients with more intelligent generators. OEMs will have the ability to generate new income streams in the areas of consumables, support, and spares. OEMs will have the ability to implement their own methods for monitoring generators.

Generator Performance

Keep an eye on important generator performance measures such as power quality, RMS characteristics, total energy generated, and energy produced per liter of fuel. Should performance decline, prompt action can be taken to restore performance to a respectable level.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Find all about temperature trends, battery voltages, and hours run. You may plan maintenance using this information. This can lower fuel usage, total maintenance costs, and unexpected downtime.

Prevent Fuel Theft

Global energy prices have increased fuel costs, potentially affecting the total cost of ownership. This has led to organizations managing generators more efficiently or considering alternative power systems. Fuel theft, which can be identified by comparing fuel consumption with actual power generation and receipts.

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