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Load Weight Monitoring

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Understanding the loaded weight of many different kinds of vehicles is essential for safe operation, optimizing cargo, and avoiding overloading fines. In comparison to alternative ways, our methodology is more precise, affordable, and stable due to the intricacy of the in motion load weight computation.

The load weight in this approach is determined by tracking changes in the truck suspension using a sensor that matches the vehicle suspension type mechanism. After being merged with the truck’s position and other status data, these data are then received by the tracker device and sent to the server. Our knowledgeable staff will get in touch with you if you reach out.

Load Weight Monitoring

Features of Load Weight Monitoring

Load Measurements

Using our load weight monitoring solution our customer will be able to monitor weight based on monitoring truck suspension changes with a matched sensor by vehicle suspension type mechanism

Special Design

In order to monitor load variations in these vehicles, a mechanism is installed on the vehicle to convert the elevation changes into angular variations and calculate the load weight based on calibration data.

Vibration Resistant

Because our solution is designed in accordance with 5G/40Hz, our customer will be able to adjust vibration resistance by using our load weight monitoring system. Additionally, IP67 grade protection is included.

Easy Installation

Our load weight monitoring system is simple to install, and our knowledgeable technician will install and demonstrate in real time after the necessary load monitoring features have been installed. We’ll also offer help around-the-clock.

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