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Bicycle Tracker & GPS Lock

Award Winning GPS Tracker

A superior riding experience and visualized operation are brought about by the all-in-one bike sharing solution provided by the HuntEyed BL 10 smart bicycle tracker, sharing, and GPS lock that is seamlessly combined with HW and SW. Users can search for or reserve a bicycle using a mobile app or web browser. Bicycles can be unlocked via Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS, and QR code scanning. The user can examine and share their mapped rides and statistics after their ride is complete. You can obtain real-time location information by unlocking the BL10 GPS bike lock using your phone. The ALL-IN-ONE bike sharing solution, when seamlessly integrated with HW and SW, effects information interaction between operators, users, and bicycles, resulting in an improved riding experience and visualized operation.

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HuntEyed Bike Lock

GPS/LBS Positioning

GPS tracking and LBS are both supported by our solution. Because the device estimates its position within the cell tower’s area, LBS is less accurate than GPS.

OTA Support

When data transfer takes place over a cellular network, the HuntEyed Cycle GPS lock even functions with GPRS. It supports GPS lock over-the-air to lock the cycle remotely.

IPX6 Water Proof

The HuntEyed Cycle Lock Cum tracker is designed to withstand tough environments, particularly during the rainy season, thanks to its IPX6 global standard and water resistance.


A geofence is an electronic boundary for a physical location. Our solution allows you to define geographical boundaries by creating a virtual obstacle.

Long Battery Life

HuntEyed Cycle Monitor Because GPS locks are intelligent, they have long-lasting batteries that don’t need to be charged frequently and offer reliable tracking.

Solar Energy

The monocrystalline silicon solar panels on the HuntEyed cycle GPS lock/tracker allow solar energy to be converted into electrical energy for GPS lock charging while on the go.

Robust Hardware

The HuntEyed cycle GPS lock/tracker has undergone 100,000 locking and unlocking tests, demonstrating its reliable performance over an extended period of time and financial worth.

Efficient unlocking

With the most recent GPRS and BLE technology, the HuntEyed cycle GPS lock cum tracker ensures quick and dependable cycle GPS lock unlocking and locking while on the road.

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