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Smart Car Solution

Award Winning GPS Tracker

Using 4G/WiFi networks, we provide a large selection of dashcams, including front-facing, rear, interior (cabin-view), and backup cameras. Please contact us if the car cameras on display are unable to meet your needs or if you think you might need more help. We are eager to collaborate with you to identify the ideal answer. All of our tracking and DVR devices come with a 13-month warranty, so you can choose our products with confidence. The warranty period is extended to 24 months if you decide to bind your devices with our platform, HuntEyed. If a newer version of the app is available, users have the option to update it and receive free firmware upgrade services.

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HuntEyed Smart Car Solution

Benefits of Smart Car Solution

Driving Behavior Monitoring

The most crucial factor in any fleet management is driver behavior. Our JC400P offers a comprehensive solution for controlling driver behavior. Utilizing data on your drivers’ driving habits, such as abrupt braking, acceleration, and turns, will lower your fleet’s accident rate and increase fuel efficiency.

Highly Integrated Design

Because the two high-definition camera lenses are combined into a single housing, the sleek JC400P is smaller and can be mounted to the windshield without taking up any room on the dashboard. You can now drive by simply removing the 3M tape’s protective liner and placing it in the ideal location on the windshield.

Event Video to Cloud

When a significant collision, accident, or inappropriate driving occurs, the JC400D will record event videos and store them in the cloud. A 4G connection can provide you with greater network coverage and faster data speeds, allowing you to reply or act right away.

Panic Button

A single press of the panic SOS button will activate the device in the event of an accident or other emergency, assisting the driver or passenger in making an emergency call to pre-programmed SOS numbers and the back office until the call is answered. It will also highlight significant video footage for review. To ensure everyone’s peace of mind, the external SOS button can be placed conveniently for the driver or passenger to quickly activate.

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