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Tanker Truck Monitoring Solution

Award Winning GPS Tracker

The truck tanker monitoring system measures the exact amount of fuel in each cistern compartment, as well as the truck’s operating parameters, GPS/GLONASS geolocation and route tracking, and driver behavior, including accelerations, abrupt stops and turns, speeding, and high RPMs.

The primary purpose of a truck tanker monitoring system is to register and display the status of liquid (diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, gasoline, or other fuel), including its volume and temperature, any manipulations with the cistern’s compartments (fuel theft, mixing with low-quality liquid, etc.), and the locations of liquid fill-up and delivery. This is because the liquid cargo carried in the cistern is the tanker’s greatest value. The Hunteyed telematics solution allows for the monitoring of over 250 operational parameters related to truck performance and fuel transportation.

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Tanker Truck Monitoring

Task of Tanker Truck Monitoring Solution

Fuel monitoring in compartments

Permit the location to be periodically or in real time pin pointed. Permit the location to be periodically or in real time pin pointed. Permit the location to be periodically or in real time pin pointed.

Fuel temperature monitoring

Give the location the option to be periodically or in real time pin pointed. It will also highlight significant video footage for review. To ensure everyone’s peace of mind, the external SOS button can be placed conveniently for the driver or passenger to quickly activate.

Event Video to Cloud

When a significant collision, accident, or inappropriate driving occurs, the JC400D will record event videos and store them in the cloud. A 4G connection can provide you with greater network coverage and faster data speeds, allowing you to reply or act right away.

Panic Button

A single press of the panic SOS button will activate the device in the event of an accident or other emergency, assisting the driver or passenger in making an emergency call to pre-programmed SOS numbers and the back office until the call is answered. 

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